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Sep 25, 2010 5:30am EDT
mosquito control and the space program. under each species there's a copper panel. telli us w many are left. some of the numbers appear to be large. the carner blue butterfly has 40,000 left. but that's relate. >> sometimes if it's less than 50,000, it's in trouble. because it shows us that thgs are happening to our environment, to our climate, to our ecosystem that's seriously impacts the world. >> reporter: some numbers so low that they're on the verge of extinction. the living dea as some conservationists call them. and too often there is a zero or a question mark. losing one species can have a detrental effect on other species because they're all connected. >> that flower population goes away, that butterfly's going to go away, and we need to be concerned about all of those nnections. >> reporter: the signs explain, human development, habittal degregation, hunng, oil pipelines all contribute to the loss of this plant, this animal, this insect. the photographs look out from the national geographic so that you can see them as u pass by. lit at night, they become especially beautiful
Sep 10, 2010 7:00am EDT
country in the d.c. area this weekend in shan telly. >> that's right, holly is at the dulles expo center with more now. good morning. interesting looking cats you're showing us. >> they all look so different and each have their own personality. this is coming up. we're talking about the top cats in the country. of course, if you ever owned a cat, you know -- in the country. telling you you should be a part of the feline fun. coming up next. stay with us. >> we talk period about cats, not just and -- we talked about cats, not just any old cats. they're going to be in town for the national cat show. >> holly is getting a look at the special guest. and some with fur, others with no fur at all. >> reporter: exactly, they come with all fur levels and are not perfect. and thanks for laughing. this is a big show, a big deal and yew right. it's the 30th year for the national cat show and that is with a great honor that i get to introduce you, one of the original founders and king curly at the beginning as well. good morning to both of you. >> good morning. >> reporter: clearly, you starte
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2